burning down the snow

surreal painting burning snow

There has long been a phrase in my ideas treasure chest: burning snow. I’m not sure if this is a creation from myself. Probably born out of my intellectual confrontation with Schubert’s “Winterreise“. It can just as well come from a poem or even a pop song.

It doesn’t really matter either. When I heard the Talking Heads about Burning down the house again it became an obsession and then the whole thing became “Burning down the snow“.

Since, after many years, I grappled with surrealism again, there are obviously influences from this corner too.

I’m not sure if I can say the painting is one hundred percent successful, but it sure has some strong ideas.

Above all, my attempt to provoke doubts in the viewer by contrasting photorealistic associations with abstract or seemingly random spots.

And if you like Talking Heads and haven’t enjoyed this one for a while; here we go:

More of this kind can be seen at: portfolio

Zettl Friedrich

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10 comments on “burning down the snow

When burning down the house, be sure to wear sunglasses at night.

Thanks, I will keep this in mind 🙂 Now being older I don’t burn them down that often anyway.

Maybe I’m mad, but then according to Alice, all the best people are..anyway, within the painting, at the point of the arrow, am I seeing one taking charge of the snow whether by some form of snowboarding or magic? Or is this simply a trick of the mind brought on by the abstract nature of the work?

Actually I do play tricks. Most of the time we think that what we see is how we see it. In an abstract picture, however, this is no longer so clear. By combining almost photorealistic elements with very abstract ones, the viewer has the opportunity to reflect on his viewing habits. But in the end we only see what is anchored in our thinking.

And then, in the realization of this, should we choose, we can take another look so to speak, and seek out other more creative and hidden tricks. An expanding of the mind and vision.

Good works of art are also always a mirror for the viewer. We only can see according our mindset and knowledge. e.g. it would be hard to understand Picasso if one never heard of Cubism. But that is a highly philosophical question and many book have been written.

Dear Friedrich,delicate and strong, my favorite of the day!

Dear Rose, thanks again! Much appreciated.


Thank you!

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