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mountain part or tryptich III

In my last posts I showed 2 works that are part of a tryptichon that is now finished. The title of this tryptich is mountain. These are abstract works that essentially deal with the subject of mountains and caves in the back of the mind.

An archaic Chinese character for mountain looks like this:

So we see 3 peaks that together form a mountain.

To see more in these paintings is up to the viewer.

More of this kind can be seen at: gestural abstraction

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I discovered a water color I did in 1988 and I wrote on it — in Chinese — a couplet from my favorite poem. It is a mountain. Maybe my favorite mountain… Definitely a mountain with personal meaning to me. Looking at the writing, I felt like I’d lost something in the interval of other journeys, loves, quests and decided to return to practicing writing Han Zi. I guess that was a journey into one of your images of mountain caverns in my mind.

Thank you Martha, for your comment! Yes, the mountain is very important in Chinese thinking. I am happy that you can see the caves.

In my first sheet from the cycle, I worked through a pain. When you enter the picture, stand in front of the massive mountain and go into the cave, there is suddenly light, which is a paradox.

I would like to tell you a little story in connection with mountains. The painter Huang Binhong, whom I admire so much, writes in a little book about landscape painting: “Before I start painting, I make friends with the mountains around me.”

I love that. It’s true that some mountains are friendlier than others.

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