paint away pain

abstract landscape ink and pastels

Yesterday was one of those black days, marked by severe pain. Then I found a painkiller, but it didn’t help much either. What to do? I decided to paint the pain away. Assuming not much would come out of my painting, I took a begun sheet that was pretty botched but showed some good ideas.

As if that weren’t enough, the stock market crashed yesterday and my shares rattled into the cellar.

Many hours with Schubert sonatas (Alfred Brendel) and painting distracted me from my pain and what came out of it is certainly one of my better works I recently did. My ambition to conquer abstract painting for me is gradually taking shape.

Most of all, I’m connected to the choice of colors and the construction, which is both powerful and sensitive. (The colors on the original are better. I bought a new scanner, which unfortunately did not scan true to color.)

some details of this abstract landscape painting:

More of this kind can be seen at: gestural abstraction

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10 comments on “paint away pain

Painting the pain away
A beautiful sentence, as are the paintings

Thank you very much, Marjan, I am happy you like it! All the best!

I’m sorry to read about your pangin and the stock situation adds insult to injury. BUT this painting is interesting and has a three-dimensional feeling. Art is the greatest remedy.

Thank you, Martha, for your kind words! The stock market has overheated and a healthy correction was necessary. Nothing to worry!
I only mentioned it because, among other inconveniences, it was another. Just one of those days….

What was positive is that I made use of this depression and created a sheet that, in my opinion, means a step forward.
Bottom line: you should never let yourself get down. (Sure, we as artists and of this age know anyway 🙂 )

You are in good company. Henri Matisse created paintings as a way to cope with pains, too. Creative work is one way to channel difficulties into something good.

Yes, that’s right! Pain can be a good fuel for a weak engine 🙂

Great idea! And the paintings are beautiful! 🙂

Thank you very much! I am happy you like it! I really think this works well as wenen you paint your mind is focussed on something different than you physical feelings.

Gotcha! I haven’t tried it but I have high hopes for it. I’m so glad you found something that works to bring you out of depression and anxiety. Depression is the worst because I’ve been there. I battled it when I was young and I wouldn’t on my worst enemy.

sure i know what you are talking about and am happy to hear you left it behind.

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