another couple of new works

rose composition

another weekend session

Last weekend was another very productive one. I am working on a couple of series and was able to finish some work which can be added now. Like this painting of withered flowers:

withered flowers painting

Also the landscape/stone has had offspring:

yellow landscape painting
abstract stones

And in the area of constructivism there were also promising results.
Maybe I’ll take a break from these series now and let everything sit down. In the meantime I can paint oil again, which I now have a great need.

rose composition

More of this kind can be seen at: gestural abstraction

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alive and well and having fun

2 comments on “another couple of new works

Evocative and interesting. I’m also pondering a return to oil painting having finished all the ink drawing illustrations. I don’t know yet what the book looks like in real life…

Yes, returning to oil painting is always a good option, i think. When I was young I sometimes spent many weeks on one painting. But I remember that I enjoyed each day. Of course there are always those inner struggles and fears of having chosen a dead end street…..But one sees things in a broader way when doing oils, I think. I will check your blog for your illustrations. Sounds interesting!

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