Copying a Huang Binhong Landscape Painting
Huang Binhong Painting

Another Work after Huang Binhong – 黄宾虹

Painting after Huang Binhong

Studying the artist Huang Binhong

I recently wrote a blog post in which I presented works that dealt with my study of the paintings of the eminent artist Huang Binhong. (blog post)

Later I found other works, especially this scroll painting. The left one is my painting, the right one the original by Huang Binhong

As mentioned before, it’s not about copying as close as possible but rather capturing the spirit of the painting. My Chinese friends and colleagues were very impressed by it and a well-known painter then wrote the calligraphy on it. It’s a great honor. Many important, ancient Chinese pictures have inscriptions by other painters or collectors.

Sometimes western art lovers don’t know why there are so many seals on some Chinese pictures. Most of them are collector’s seals, and this shows very clearly who owned the work over the years.

Zhao Mengfu 趙孟頫: “Man Riding a Horse” from 1296

More of my paintings after or in the style of Huang Binhong can be found HERE

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I love these.

Thank you! I am not sure if I still can do on this level. I will try again some day and can’t wait to see….

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