Recent Work: Day 7/7 the last one

abstract compostiton autumn in garden

the last example of my recent works

This is the final example introducing my work from the past 2-3 weeks.

I’m not sure whether to see it as a one-off attempt or whether to venture any further in that direction. On the one hand, I’m already working on a few series, on the other hand I’m afraid that it might turn out to be a dead end or that it will lead me too far off my path. It will probably be best to wait and try again in a few weeks.

I would like to thank everyone who followed this 7 day presentation and especially for your feedback.

abstract compostiton autumn in garden
autumn in my garden

More of this kind can be seen at: gestural abstraction

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alive and well and having fun

6 comments on “Recent Work: Day 7/7 the last one

I like this very much. I think it’s beautiful.

Thank you, Martha! I will try a few of this kind and see if I can put more of my soul into it.

I’ve been doing illustrations for a friend’s little book. they aren’t my subjects and ink drawing is not my “thing.” But, I’ve learned a lot as an artist without my soul being in any of them. It’s been a very good discipline for a moment in life when I really needed that. Of course, it doesn’t “feel” the same.

Right, I also think it is very important to try something new, just for learning. Not doing it would limit oneself. Btw, Seems you are very active 🙂

This whole virus thing has taught me that the ONE thing I want to do is make art. This whole “lock down” “quarantine” thing has been incredibly liberating. I said to a friend a couple weeks ago, “Well, here we are with this virus and I just figured I might as well be an artist because there’s nothing else going on.” I’m not looking forward to returning to “normal” but I haven’t figured out how to tell my friends.

Since I’m neither a virologist nor a doctor at all, I don’t understand anything about Cocid-19. Not even experts could say much useful in the initial phase. It was also clear to me that this would keep us busy for a long time. So, like you, I paid more attention to art as a medium. I am in the fortunate position that I can indulge my days as I please. And what could be nicer than simply taking care of the art. Yes, this life with art as the center of interest will last for a long time.

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