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linking anyone?

I don’t know if this is the right place for a question for everyone who runs their own blog: Does this matter to you?
Since I started operating Internet sites decades ago, linking has always been a concern for me. But does it still have any meaning today? Are WordPress pages taken seriously by google?

I have set several links and a little traffic is coming back, mostly from, which are aimed at blog operators who are over 50 years old and since they maintain their directory well, represent a good link. They are now celebrating their 5th anniversary. This I see them on google images:

I thought it would not hurt to have some more of those links. When I checked for other directories it turned out that they are out of date for long. If you have any suggestions, we could swap a few link options here.

Other suggestions on how to make your blog easier to find are of course also welcome.






4 responses to “linking anyone?”

  1. China Dream avatar

    good morning, i am not sure what you mean by linking, if you mean for instance that what you post in WP appears in other places.. I have basically always used WP, I do link to twitter and FB that is because of the type of blog I do. Mainly being with a church out o Japan that has international off site branches.. I connect with other members especially in Brazil with FB since various church groups have set up pages on FB. I am interested more in quality rather than quantity. Your site was recommended to me by WP. Are you happy with the current status …?

  2. avatar

    Thank you for your reponse! Yes, facebook and twitter are sure to be an option. But as far as I know, these links (and posts) are of no use on these social media. Google, for example, loves links to related pages and the more of them it finds, the higher your page will be listed. Catalogs that blogs have cited have been important in the past. But I’m not up to date anymore. Google recently changed the allogrithm again and that’s why I wanted to ask what experiences my blogger colleagues have had.

    To give you an example: On your page you have a sentence: “taoist life is art”. Now if your site is liked by google they would show your homepage very prominentely.

    I checked google for your phrase: “The handmaiden’s Estate in SL (Second Life) (Japanese)” and it gets a good result. So google likes your links 🙂

  3. Eoin Mac Lochlainn, visual artist avatar

    Hi Friedrich, now I’m no expert but – do you “request indexing” your blog posts with “google search console”? this lets google know that you have a new post and invites it to include it in its searches. Also, do you put some description of your post in the “excerpt” below the post? This is supposed to help get noticed by google too. As regards linking, well I always try to have some links in my posts but I don’t know if it helps or not. PS, I will be looking again at your blog, it seems very interesting.

    1. avatar

      Hi Eoin, many thanks! Funny, I just started to add “excerpt”, I had never done this before. I checked a few blogs of colleagues here and saw some performing well and some not so good. I tried to understand so I started all this. But SEO is a very difficult topic and the philosophy og google has changed over the years, Sure I will catch up 🙂 Keep up your good work!

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