Because of Covid-19, like many others, I largely self-isolated for a long time now. But two days before Christmas I escaped and visited a very impressive exhibition by Gerhard Richter in Vienna. Although Richter is one of those painters who impressed me very much, I had not seen any originals so far.

After every visit to the exhibition, I am of course full of impressions and sometimes I try to graphically translate something from the exhibition.

This time the attempt was quite pleasing. The idea for the graphic was triggered by an at first glance inconspicuous graphic by Gerhard Richter “cloud” from 1971. A simple, atmospheric picture with sea and cloud. Only when looking a second time do some viewers understand that a cloud formation like this over the sea is not even possible.

Since I have been very impressed by Hideaki Yamanobe’s monotypes for some time, I took an idea from him and the idea of ​​Richter with the Cloud and made this graphic, in which a cloud is reflected in the morning mist. The cloud, yellow from the bright morning sun and its gentle reflection around morning mist (which is of course not possible when the sun is so high) should also suggest an idyllic landscape to the viewer at first glance and invite to more reflection gradually.

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