After I hadn’t painted for a long time due to my job, I started to sniff it again about a year ago.

In order to regain my sensitivity as quickly as possible, I collected withered leaves and then blossoms and flowers in spring. The first thing I did with it were bookmarks.

Why bookmarks? Because in my opinion they are a genre neglected by art. On the other hand, since I have dealt intensively with the art of Chinese seal cutting for many years, I am enthusiastic about the idea of dealing with a lot of content in a small format.

If the first works were more decorative or rather small calligraphies, they gradually became more constructivist, more minimalist.

This step was also important, as I had left out more and more in my last work, so that often only pictures made up of a few lines remained – although I also like these works very much myself.

3 thoughts on “my love for old leaves

  1. Sie sind echt schön!!

    Talking about bookmark. I never got one so far from any book shops in Germany. It was different experience than in Thailand. There, I always got free bookmark whenever I bought books in the shop. So I was surprised, that we have to buy an extra bookmark.
    It was my first German-Bookshop experince. 🙂


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